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Signature Media Group is not a news agency. We specialize in brokerage of media to accredited news outlets. If you are a news outlet please create an account and a Staff member will validate your account. Thank you for your cooperation in advance!

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Based in San Diego, California, Signature Media Group delivers mainstream media outlets with adrenaline-filled, breaking news footage daily. This action packed, breaking news footage can be seen on television, cable networks and websites alike. See your Police, Sheriff, and CHP in action doing what they do best along with numerous Fire Departments/Cal Fire fight some of the biggest brush fires and structural fires on the ground and by air.
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Signature Media Group is a division of Signature Lead Company, which was Founded in 2000. Signature Lead Company is a one-stop solutions provider of professional services for all types of businesses. We deliver state-of-the-art services, tools, and applications that will allow companies to enhance their marketing and collateral management needs. In 2004 Signature Media was launched in San Diego California and now reports news in both San Diego and Los Angeles County. Signature Media Group has a group of highly skilled, experienced photojournalists who shoot and deliver overnight news events. Every night, our news teams are on the streets capturing the events in the heat of the night as breaking news happens, with one thing in mind, getting the highest quality breaking news footage possible. We do not just shoot video; we cover the story. Sometimes that may put our teams in a precarious situation as there are still certain parts of the city where gang borders form “invisible walls” that delineate who goes where and who does what. It can be a war zone, but our dedicated photojournalists must cover the story while being held to an extreme level of integrity in their reporting. Story accuracy and journalistic integrity are top priorities. Information is obtained firsthand from the photojournalist who is on scene along with credible witnesses, and law enforcement or fire personnel.
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